The Green Leaf Canyon F.A.Q.

Answers To Common Questions

1.) What is a primitive camping ground?

A primitive camping ground is an area dedicated primarily to experiencing Nature more directly.

 Typically, these camping areas are "off-the-grid". So you don't have to worry about electromagnetic pollution.*Also, Microwaves,hair dryers,roller coasters or valet services are not available. 

2.) Am I afraid of dirt roads?

G.L.C. is 1.2 miles from the main highway, 180. Dewey Drive is a mild dirt road,but smaller vehicles may have issues during heavy rains. *Please see our YT Video Directions for a first-hand look.

3.) Can I book my RV or 5th wheels at G.L.C.?

No. G.L.C. is primarily a tent-camping area. Camper Vans are also welcome. 

Some exceptions may be made depending on the circumstance. Please inquire within.

4.) Are kids allowed? Pets?

No.Yes. We are located in a very raw environment that could pose many dangers to curious little fingers. Therefore,Minors are not permitted at Green Leaf Canyon. Adults only. Friendly Pets are welcome. We NEVER charge any pet fees.

5.) Where is the closest gas station?

The Valle Chevron is just 2.4 miles away.

6.) Your address says Williams but you are 30 miles (on the way to the Canyon) from the downtown area. What's up with that?

The town of Williams has a very strange shape. The camping area is located in the northern portion, aprrox. 30 miles from downtown Williams. But DON'T WORRY, it is on the way to the Canyon. You are 1/2 hour closer than those guys;)

7.) Do you have wifi?

Satellite internet access is available for emergency use only,please.

8.) Do you have toilets and/or showers?

Yes & Yes. We offer porta-potty toilet service & camp showers for use in our shower room.

9.) What are 3 things I need to make sure to pack?



C.) Chapstick

The wind is insane here! Your lips are already thanking me;)

10.) What if I get lost??

Pull over.Take a breath. It's okay. Just look below and watch the video again or check out the map on our homepage. Unfortunately, cell reception is not-so-great here.

*By booking with G.L.C., you agree to abide by all community rules & regulations. Failure to do so may lead to being asked to vacate.

Quiet Hours: 10:00pm to 7:00am


Still Have Questions?

Please feel free to drop Green Leaf Canyon a line on our 'Contact Us' page if you have any additional questions,comments or suggestions. Thank you.

Directions To Green Leaf Canyon